The worst CPUs or processors you can buy in 2019

Worste CPU 2019

Worste CPU 2019We recently reflected on some bad practices within the GPU industry embodied in some products to which we give the honor (or misfortune) of being named the worst graphic cards we could acquire today. Unfortunately for us, the users, the graphic cards are not the only component that is affected by this type of practices and situations, to echo them we have decided to continue with the trail left by the previous special and create new lists with some of the most important components and peripherals in the world of PC and video games in general. Today is the brain of our team: the processor .

Intel Skylake X Refresh Series (2018)
Same product, different name, worse performance

Intel Skylake X Refresh Series

For those users who believe that the “refritos” are just a thing of the software we have to present the Refresh series of Skylake X , the processors of the current extreme range of Intel. The extreme range of the blue giant of microchips has been for many years the pinnacle of processors accessible to the general public on PC, always showing processors with outstanding performance, a large number of cores and the latest technologies of the company to the delight of the professionals and enthusiasts.

Or that was his situation some time ago. Currently, the last iteration of the extreme range of the company has been Skylake X Refresh , a series of processors that, contrary to what its name indicates, are exactly the same product as its previous version(Skylake X to dry) with the only incentive to have the IHS soldered to the chip. This feature, by itself, would hardly justify the launch of a new product under a new name and brand. But the really serious of these processors is, precisely, the only difference with respect to its previous version.

The users of this platform opt for the processors of the previous generation for their better behavior and temperatures under overclocking.

The welding carried out by the company has proven to offer very unsatisfactory results when transmitting the heat to the encapsulation, especially in heavy-duty or overclocking scenarios, even leading to the situation that a processor of the previous generation , with a properly applied delid and a change of thermal paste gets better temperatures, better performance and better overclock than the current generation, and therefore remains the main purchase option for them.

It is not the first stumble of the company in its extreme range, and is that this situation reminds us of the i5 7640X and the i7 7740X, two processors recycled from its domestic range and renamed as Kaby-Lake X that the company discontinued due to their casualties sales and they deserved a small honorable mention on this list.

AMD FX Series Bulldozer

Vishera (2011 – 2014)

The architecture Bulldozer of AMD has been one of the darkest episodes of the American company. The processors of the FX series were not bad products in themselves, in fact, they can still have many current titles, but were unable to compete directly against their competition , being relegated to a second place and forcing AMD to focus their efforts in decreasing the prices of their products to turn them into an attractive alternative, all without much success.

With the passage of time, the American company saw how every new generation of Intel lagged behind in the technological race. Situation that did not improve with the constant revisions of the processors of the FX series, which consisted mostly of the same product with higher frequencies and consumption. The final result we all know, AMD began to develop its new architecture and Intel continued to expand its Intel Core processors, to our current situation, with fierce competition between the two companies.

However, in this special we are talking about the worst processors that you can acquire today, and the AMD FX are on this list for that same reason. And is that these new processors can still be purchased in specialized stores. Purchase that makes little sense considering that its price is around 70 euros, are not compatible with the current socket used by AMD in its new products and the company offers more interesting alternatives (And updated) for a lower price.

The reason for this is that the AMD FX processors did not stop producing until 2014, one of its latest revisions being the FX-9590, launched in 2014. The scarce sales of these processors at the end of their lives have managed to keep in stock of many stores some models of processors, which are sold at balance prices to eliminate excess stock.

Lack of Focus and MarketIntel

Core i3 – 7350K (2016)

To close this list and unlike the two previous points, we will only talk about a specific model. It is the Intel Core i3-7350K a seventh generation Intel processor created with the intention of becoming the reference processor for those users who wanted to overclock, but could not acquire an Intel Core i5 to meet their needs.

The result was a dual-core, four-wire processor that, at the time of its launch, could not compete against the Pentium G4560 for price, nor with its brothers in the Intel overclocking range in power (The i5-K and i7 -K). That alone is already a problem, but is enlarged when we see that a processor designed for those users who can not afford extra costs, have to be made with a plate intended for overclocking and adequate dissipation. That is, a product that loses its purpose in the market.

Today we can continue to acquire these processors in many specialty stores, a very uninteresting purchase, even more so considering the obsolescence of the socket they need to operate and the existence of their successor: the i3-8350K, a four-core and four-wire processor that it yields adequately for current titles, or the i3-8100 for those looking for something more affordable (If we keep only with Intel products, since there are also interesting proposals from AMD for these prices).

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