Test star wars Jedi: Fallen order. Strength in order?

Video games from big movie licenses don’t often make good games, and Star Wars is not excluded, unfortunately. And since the power of force 2 in 2010, which was already just a dusting of the excellent first power of force, we really had nothing good to eat except the first two Battlefronts. But in terms of a purely solo game with a real story, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen order is very action-oriented with Prince of Persia phases and a hint of Tomb Raider. A perfect combo for the perfect game in action?


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen order tells us the story of Cal, a young Jedi who is not yet confirmed, but no longer padawan hiding on a planet after the great purge in episode 3 the revenge of the Sith. We are also before the movie Rogue One. After using force to save the life of his best friend he will have to flee the empire which will do everything to find and kill him. He will be saved by a former Jedi and will be assigned the mission of restoring the Jedi order.

An original story ?

The universe of Star Wars is vast and very extensive and is not limited to the eleven films or the animated series or not. But we also have comics and other novels to dig into to make us a video game worthy of the name at the script level. The surprise of Starwars Jedi: Fallen Order is its totally new story that is grafted into the timeline of this universe. So we find ourselves a few years after the revenge of the Sith and before Rogue One. The scenario is not surprising in being especially when one is a fan of Star wars (since the famous “I am your father” who was surprised by a twist?) And the fan service will be in order throughout. But he does the job and even if we see certain situations arriving at ten thousand places we like to go forward in history and imagine ourselves in the universe and to be a Jedi.


If there is one thing that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is not hiding it is its inspiration for cult games like Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia or even Uncharted in its gameplay and for once when we take the best of another game it doesn’t bother me as long as we’re not just making a poor copy. So it’s totally inspired but improved for Jedi skills. It’s a real pleasure to lug Cal around the different planets you’ll explore. It’s responsive and very fluid. The ultimate lies in the fighting are really not in the budding (well you can if you are not afraid to die every 10 minutes) but in the study of opponents to be able to counter them. A skill tree will help you improve as the adventure progresses and in the end, you will have in your hands an all-powerful Jedi, but above all staying in normalcy and therefore not a powerful Jedi mega that even the Emperor Palpatine wouldn’t want to fight.


I’m pretty skeptical, certainly Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is quite beautiful and some plans are even splendid, but I must admit that some made me laugh … See Wookies treated like this … They have nothing imposing and are really poorly reproduced and fortunately that the sound of their language and respected him. Poor people. It’s overall clean (on classic PS4) and it’s good in the Star Wars universe. Some cameras are badly placed and do not help in platform crossings and even less in close combat when you are in tight places. All the same, it’s still nice and nothing too sad.


I was thrilled by Star Wars Jedi: Fallen order the fights have punch and its rhythm, the bestiary is consistent and the characters have charisms. The set works really well and offers us a final which, even if it is expected it is really badass and could even give again a desire to relaunch in the adventure by increasing the level of difficulty. I hope for DLC and at least a sequel.

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