Download PUBG Mobile on PC for Windows

Tencent offers a free mobile version of PUBG, playable on PC. This version is identical to the mobile version except that the latter is encapsulated in a fully dedicated PC emulator. You can play with your keyboard and your mouse to the video game phenomenon of recent months. You will gain in precision and efficiency.

Play PUBG free on PC, it’s possible

The official emulator of Tencent for PUBG is currently translated into Chinese and English, but no worries, the game, is well offered in several languages, including French, Spanish and German (to to confirm ). Note that you can synchronize your backups using a Twitter or Facebook account and that the game only allows players to play on emulator.

The godfather of the “Battle Royale” mode
PUBG and somehow the first game that shot the “Battle Royale” mode of darkness. This is a game mode inspired by the “King of the Hill” or “Last man Standing” mode, ie a player must finish victorious against enemies who have only one life and so only one chance to win.

How to play PUBG on his Mac?

PUBG is spread over a huge map, on which are scattered 100 players, weapons, vehicles and various equipment. More realistic than Fortnite he inspired, this game is also very violent and difficult to master.

Download Link : PUBG Mobile
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