PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (Android)

PUBG Mobile is the version for mobile devices of the super-success PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for mobiles that, after successfully passing through the smartphones of the east, debuts now also in the West. The PUBG shooter formula that has popularized Battle Royale video games adapts to Android and iOS mobile phones in this translation of one of the multiplayer action launches of the moment.

Also for       : IOS
For sale at  : Google Play
Developer  : Bluehole Studio
Editor         : PUBG Corp
Gender       : Action , Survival , Shooter , First Person (FPS) , Battle Royale (Paramilitaries and Mercenaries and War )
Players       : 100 (1 to 4 per team) (Competitive: Yes, online / Cooperative: Yes, online)
Duration    : Incalculable
Language   : Voices in English
Launching : March 20, 2018

PUBG Mobile Android Requirements
Recommended specs for getting the most out of PUBG Mobile on Android requires you to have Android 5.1 or above and at least 2GB RAM.Keep in mind that you’ll need a stable, persistent Internet connection to play PUBG due to its always online nature.

Download Link : Pubg Mobile (Android)
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