How To Get Free PUBG UC 2019

The fake PUBG tricks

Players Unknown Battleground, the most popular game among the youngsters. PUBG is one of the best -selling game of all time. Every software, website have vulnerabilities. Whenever they fix the issue, a new weakness comes instantly. 
Since no one is perfect. If you search how to get free UC in pubg, you will find hundreds of videos. But the question is, are they trustworthy? They made those videos only for views. 
You also tried those tricks to get free uc or to by passes, skins, RP etc? Am I right? I tried them too, and the result was NULL.
Today I got a trick to get free UC. 100% legal method.

How to get the free UC’s?

Recently, Google Playstore is giving a reward worth 140₹.

By using this offer you’ll get 8000 UC for free. Sounds fake? Well, see the screenshots bellow, and ask your friends too. 
They got the UC too but hide from you. So, I’m here to help you. Follow me step by step.

The steps to get PUBG free UC

1. Open playstore, you will find an offer worth 140₹ by scrolling down. Your email should be old to achieve the offer. 
2. Download an app, Fake GPS location.

3. Open Fake GPS and select New York then click the play button.

4. Download Turbo VPN, and select the United States.

5. Download Google Opinion Reward.
6. Use any New York postel code and create an account as a US citizen.
7. Open PUBG, click on the + button of UC.
8. Click on buy ₹799.

That’s it.

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